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Natural Swimming Pools and Pond Designs

Natural Swimming Pools and Ponds are visually pleasing and environmentally friendly. These water features can be utilized in both a residential or commercial landscape.  Our designs incorporate the use of naturally occurring elements in the environment and they leverage the existing landscape to create sustainable water features.  EcoSolutions will work with you to determine the desired aesthetic and ideal location for your water feature, whether it is a pond or natural swimming pool.  EcoSolutions will also help you to retrofit an existing pond or convert a chemical pool that suffers from algae blooms, odor, or other water quality problems.

What is a natural swimming pool?

A natural swimming pool is an alternative to traditional chlorine pools.  A natural swimming pool uses ecologically sound technology and low impact design concepts to maintain clean water for swimming.  Natural swimming pools offer homeowners and businesses the opportunity to enjoy a water feature in the landscape without the potential health risks and environmental damage of chlorine based systems.

Natural swimming pools versus ponds, which is better?

A natural swimming pool uses a plant based filtering system which offers a constant supply of clean water to the pool.  A pond uses plants and vegetation to filter the water in the environment so that wildlife will thrive.  The key difference is the degree of “clean” that you are seeking for your swimming area.  EcoSolutions will discuss your goals with you and help you to develop the appropriate water based solution for your landscape.

To learn more about how EcoSolutions can help you implement a natural swimming pool or pond, give us a call at 802.878.7464 or contact us at EcoSolutions.